Welcome to my Workshop!

Hey there! I go by many names, but I often go by my alias Wesley McKinley, or just McKinley, primarily online. I love to make things! My main line of work is advanced costume and prop fabrication. I also have two hobbies, which are making webcomics and developing a video game. Kind of a weird mix, I know! I’ll have more in my About Me page soon!


August 4: I’d just like everyone to know that this website is still technically under construction, but it is usable and has some form of content for most pages; aesthetically, however, I still have a lot to do, and more pages to add!

December 18: I was having some issues with my “corkboard” area (current projects) on this website, so its been deleted for now and its content will be reworked in the future. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Latest Site Updates:

December 18
Commissions page is being reworked; art commissions info has been removed. More will be added and updated soon!

February 22
Added “Project Log ” Navigation to the left sidebar! This will contain a link to all my project logs for any and every project they are available for, as well as quick links (hover) to specific ones

August 24
Hildr Scourgedatter costume page coming very soon!

Lost Hours gallery updated!

Vandal’s Project Log #3 is out!

September 14
Major Lost Hours updates! Check its main page and Dev Log!

October 13
Stream Schedule page is now LIVE! It’s tab will live next to the About button at the top of every page.

Artwork and Costumes by Rayne "McKinley" Mason (Wesley McKinley)