Comics were actually my original creative outlet; I discovered costuming much later. And while costuming may seem like my main endeavor now, I still spend a lot of time making comics of all types and styles. Below is a listing of all of my currently released stories and some information on each.


Silent Hill: Biohazard is a visual novel crossing over the traditional worlds and characters of the video game series Silent Hill and Resident Evil.
Silent Hill: Biohazard combines the original series’ arc/lore* from two different worlds into one realm of survival horror. Each series has broken off into their own alternate realities in which a few things have a happened differently on either side, and have now combined into one ongoing plot.
The story itself is created in a visual novel type format, or what we’ve been calling a “descriptive comic”. It’s similar to a graphic novel, but most panels contain novel-like descriptive text (akin to a narration) to aid in readers understanding and depth into each scene, while not containing so much text as to be off-putting. As a result, the story reads similar to a condensed novel with the added benefit of many engaging and graphic novel-like illustrations.
While the story starts with a universal first chapter (or rather a prologue), it is then split up into different viewpoints, each following a separate group of characters. All should be read to experience the complete story, but the order is up to the reader!

Fight for the Factory is created in the traditional comic style (with much inspiration coming from the Scott Pilgrim series).
Nearing a year after the grand tour of Willy Wonka’s mysterious chocolate factory, a threatening note appears in the factory’s boardroom, implying danger to the factory from an unknown source. With little other options due to Wonka’s rule of outsiders within the factory, Charlie is forced to ask for help from the only other familiar faces he knows: the rest of the Golden Ticket winners.
Equipped with Wonka Weapons, strange special abilities, and wild personalities, the kids have agreed to fight at Charlie’s side to help him defend the factory…if he can keep them in line!

Original Stories

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Artwork and Costumes by Rayne "McKinley" Mason (Wesley McKinley)