Project Log: Vandal

vandal obstagoon project log build cosplay costume chapter part
Part 1: Plans and Prototyping

Starting from the very beginning of the design process, I go over the plans and ideas for building out each piece of the costume. Also included is a quick look at the cardboard prototype of the neck!

Part 2: Neck and Head Build

As I convert the cardboard prototype into the final EVA and plastic pieces, I go over each piece in fair amount of detail, as well as a look into how the head movement works. Movement showcase video at the end!

Part 2b: Head/Neck Revisions

A short-ish entry dedicated to going over some adjustments I’ve made to the head and neck in preparation for foaming, and adding some reinforcement in certain areas.

Part 3: Eyes, Tongue, and Foaming the Head

Full of many images covering my addition of foam to the neck and head skeleton, as well as installing the EL panel eyes and a magnetic tongue! At this point, his head is mostly done, it just needs teeth and fur.

Part 4: Feet, Hands, and Claws

I move onto the construction of the feet and hands, as well as add the buttons and wiring to the left arm. I also go over in detail how I made his EVA foam claws!

Part 5: Vest, Upper Arms & Electronics

In this post, I share how I constructed the hollow vest, and include a video going over the details of the vest and electronics.
BONUS: Includes a movement test of the current suit progress with working SFX!

Special thanks to Bloop (@bloopiish on Twitter/Instagram) for making the title text for Vandal!

Artwork and Costumes by Rayne "McKinley" Mason (Wesley McKinley)