Vandal the Obstagoon

Basic Character Data

Name: Vandal
Species: Obstagoon (Pokemon)
Nature: Impish
Ability: Guts
Moveset: Obstruct, Night Slash, X-Scissor, Facade
Held Item: Razor Claw
Height: 5′ 8″

Likes: 80’s music (pretty much anything but definitely 80s rock), symphonic metal, Pokemon battles, art and painting, concerts, parties and other fun gatherings
Dislikes: Jazz and elevator music, bullies

Personality: Despite a harsh, violent past, Vandal is actually a kind Pokemon, though his forwardness can often come off as intimidating or sometimes even playfully aggressive. He will protect anyone he likes from danger using Obstruct. He’s mischievous, however, and should be watched carefully. He has a habit of tagging people (fortunately we’ve replaced all his spray paints with washable paint).

Backstory: A summary of his backstory is coming soon!

Costume Data

Project Type: Personal
Character Origin: Pokemon
Debut Year/Place: —
Costume Type: Showpiece
Status: Being Finished Up!
Est. Build Cost: —
Est. Build Time: Many Months (built over course of 3 years)
Handmade props?: Spray Can (not built yet)
Other props?: —

Planned Features:

  • Moving jaw
  • Articulated neck
  • Cooling fan in neck
  • Sound system
  • Glowing eyes (EL panels)

Material Breakdown:

  • Cushion foam for general shaping
  • 3yd black faux seal fur (local buy)
  • 1yd white faux seal fur (local buy)
  • 3 yd grey
  • EVA foam (harness and claw shape bases)
  • Plasti-dip (sealing EVA)
  • Foam clay (claws)
  • EL Panels (eyes)
  • 1 20W speaker
  • 1 SFX soundboard (Obstagoon cry, Pokemon battle music, KISS – “Rock and Roll All Nite”)
  • 1 2xAA battery pack, 1 9V battery pack (2xAA for ELs, 9V for Fan)
  • 1 12V Rechargeable battery pack for soundboard, amplifier, and speaker
  • Aluminum rail pieces (head support)
  • Elastic
  • 2mm music wire(jaw mechanism)
  • Screw posts (hinges)
  • Nylon straps (harness and legs)
  • Styrene and PVC plastic sheets (reinforcements and teeth)
  • Sewing miscellany (zippers, clips, etc)
  • Wiring and electronics miscellany

References Used

Other Data

Post-build considerations: —


  • Vandal’s fur is much softer than the standard faux seal fur found in most fabric stores online. It was a discontinued fabric from Joann’s I managed to get for a sale price as it was being discontinued (originally something like $50/yd for being ultra high quality fashion fabric). If you ever get to meet Vandal in person, give him a pet! He’s probably one of the softest costumes you’ll ever feel 🙂


None yet!
(WIP videos will be in the Costume WIP Gallery)

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Artwork and Costumes by Rayne "McKinley" Mason (Wesley McKinley)