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What exactly is a fursuit? It’s a style of costume coined by furries that consists of a generally friendly/cartoon-looking (but can also be quite realistic) full-head mask and often an entire bodysuit costume, though they can also come in “partial” styles (a head mask, paws, tail, and sometimes feet). Below is a gallery of all fursuit-type costumes I’ve made (including any cosplays that fit the description of ‘fursuit’).

Rogue the Sabertooth/Dragon

Tesla the Zeraora (from “Pokemon”)

Maverick the Great White Shark

Gummy the Dragon

Alin the Werewolf (from “Blackgate”)

Erwin (Schrodinger’s Cat)

Obsidian the German Shepherd

Fursuits created under the “TwistedTerrace” name

NOTE: When I first started out, I made lots of quick costumes, many of which I have lost photos of over the years. Because of that I will be missing many characters I’ve made in the past, and may not have great photos of costumes I do still have logged.

Guapo the Leaf-Nosed Bat

Nameless the Rat

Artwork and Costumes by Rayne "McKinley" Mason (Wesley McKinley)