Project Logs

Welcome to my Project Logs! This is a collection of all projects which I have logs for (basically progress updates with a lot of added information!).
Most are free to view but some may have a password. These are only available through a Ko-fi donation (only $5!) and help to support my work*!

Lost Hours (Video Game) Dev Log

Contains videos and screenshots, and update summaries for the development of my video game.

Obstagoon Advanced Costume Build (“Vandal”)

A full body Obstagoon (Pokemon) costume with articulated head, skeletal neck structure, and other advanced fabrication techniques. Log contains work-in-progress photos and detailed write-ups for each update.

Lightweight EVA Underskull

Ko-fi exclusive project!

For now, this is a plans-only project, and the page will continue only the PDF overview of project details. Work logs will come in the future once the project has been started!

This project explores an alternative method of creating what are known as “underskulls” for animatronic creations, when professional studio materials or tools are unavailable.

Check my Ko-fi page or Ko-fi donator channel in Discord for details!

*All content behind paywalls will eventually be free; generally my only paywall projects are new ones, and once they leave the realm of being considered “new“, they will be free to access. I do this so my donators have extra bonuses to look forward to, and to help fund my projects!

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Artwork and Costumes by Rayne "McKinley" Mason (Wesley McKinley)