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Lost Hours is a survival-horror RPG video game currently being developed. It takes inspiration from traditional survival-horror games such as Silent Hill and Resident Evil and combines them with elements common to RPGs, as well as branching storylines and other decisions for the player to make that may affect certain scenes, endings, and all kinds of in-game interactions.

Development Engine: Unity (using the Game Creator visual scripting/programming toolkit by Catsoft Studios)
Target Platforms: PC initially, hopefully consoles in the future (no mobile version planned)
Genre: Horror/Adventure/RPG
Release Date: None*

The Story:

Summary coming soon!

Design Overview:

The models are 3D with skins painted to appear 2D (with a special shader to apply an outline and flat shading). Comic-styled general graphics are used, including speech bubbles and stylized cutscenes using traditional 2D animation. The overall style is meant to feel like a graphic novel/visual novel but with adventure gameplay.

The main focus will be on exploration and puzzle/problem solving, but combat will exist, and you will need to tread carefully! Many of the games events will be altered, some minor, some major, by what you do in the game. Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses; some will be specific to that character, while others will be decided by your gameplay. Character stats, skills and what weapons they use best are customizable. Each main character may also have different perceptions toward the same events or interactions, so their individual journals should be checked frequently for hints or insight into that characters personality and what may affect them. The environments you explore will be heavily intractable; be sure to check anything and everything if you’re feeling stuck.

More information on design and gameplay plans are available by clicking the Dev Log & Notes button above!

Alpha Development Screenshots

Content Warning:
This game will be rated Mature (17+) for
Intense Violence, Blood & Gore, Language, and Sensitive Themes

[Gore censor is an available setting! This will modify certain scenes and gameplay to have less offensive material, but will NOT affect thematic elements due to story]

*As I get closer to finishing the project, I may be able to provide some sort of release date, but as game dev is only a hobby of mine and I don’t work on this project on any schedule, I am not going to try to put any specific completion date on it for now.

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Artwork and Costumes by Rayne "McKinley" Mason (Wesley McKinley)