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Return Policy: If you receive an item from me and you feel it is defective, not as you ordered, or not as described, please contact me immediately and we will work to set things straight. Returns are possible, as well as exchanges for some items like custom casts. I will split shipping with the buyer on anything over $15 to ship for returns and exchanges, and you will be refunded for your initial purchase if it is a return.
NOTE: I will not refund for items no longer wanted; only if there is an issue with your order!

Allergen Notice: All of my products come from a house with cats and birds! Please be aware of this before you purchase.

Custom Casts

Want something specific made from one of my current molds? Maybe a custom cast colour or paint job? A small alteration? Most of what you’ve seen used in my current costumes are available for custom orders! Check out my mold library to see what I have available.

Fabric and Supplies

Red/Black/White “Cherry Bomb” Faux Fur

Amount: 3 yds
Pile: 1.5″
Price: $50
Originally purchased for making a suit of McKinley, until I found more accurate fur for him. It is considered “feather fur” by some people, as it has black and white striped tips. It also has subtle darker stripes throughout the pile (see pictures), please be aware of this! The backing is red and slightly softer than normal faux fur, and a little less heavy.

Short Grey Faux Fur

Amount: 3 yds
Pile: 3/4″
Price: $30
Originally purchased for a werewolf costume but no longer using. There is a slightly unrealistic shine to some strands in the fur, not quite like tinsel fur (not as noticeable) but reminds me a bit of somewhat low quality craft fur. However, the fur itself doesn’t seem entirely low quality, the backing is decent (not great, but decent) and the density of the fur is good. It is soft and dense enough to be shaved. Has flecks of black and white in it so it’s not one single colour if you look closely. I can send a small swatch if you’re not sure about it! Just ask.

Tan Wolf Faux Fur

Amount: Slightly over 3 yds (irregular cut)
Pile: 2.5″ (3″ guard hairs)
Price: $50
Originally purchased for my, now canceled, fathier (Star Wars) cosplay/fursuit. It is a lovely tan with black wisps and tips scattered throughout. The backing is nice and heavy. I used some of this fur for my pre-made antlered wendigo, which is also for sale. If you buy him

Scrap Bag (Large & Small Pieces)

Amount: –
Pile: –
Price: $30
A mix of miscellaneous furs left over from old projects. This particular bag comes with an irregular cut of light blue luxury shag fur (about 36″x36″ uncut, with more along one side that is cut irregularly), blond fox fur from CRs Crafts (irregular cut of about half a yard, plus an extra small piece), scraps of tan wolf fur (the same fur as listed above), realistic grey short wolf fur (an irregular and damaged cut, about half a yard by a little less than 60″), and some extra random scraps.

Pre-Made Items For Sale

NOTE: The item below is not quite ready for sale yet, please check back later!

Semi-Realistic Wolf Head (Sold As-Is)

Head size: 24″
Price: $200
Fabrics: MM Grey Frost Fox faux fur (no longer available, but similar stuff is available from other fur providers), Ivory Lux. Shag, Pink Fleece (ears)
Base: Lightweight 1/2″ wire mesh (fleece lined)
An old pre-made I never sold. Meant to be airbrushed, but I’m selling him as-is because I need to clean out our storage. He’s been around for a long time in our storage and has a stain on the neck. It’s just a discoloration, it doesn’t smell or anything. He’s been worn once, and tried on a few times, but never really fully worn. He has a moving jaw, Sculpey teeth and silicone canine nose, which is an old custom sculpt and no longer available. He is handsewn and unlined except for the mesh parts so the metal is not exposed to skin. Not my best work, but he’s from many years ago. He would make a great starter suit!
If your headsize is smaller than the listed 24″, I can send some foam for extra padding for free, just let me know! You may need some for the moving jaw as well if you’re a lot smaller.

Artwork and Costumes by Rayne "McKinley" Mason (Wesley McKinley)