Silent Hill: Biohazard

Overview: Silent Hill: Biohazard combines the classic arc/lore* from two different worlds into one realm of survival horror. Each series has broken off into their own alternate realities in which a few things have a happened differently on either side, and have now combined into one ongoing plot.
The story itself is created in a visual novel type format, or what we’ve been calling a “descriptive comic”. It’s similar to a graphic novel, but most panels contain novel-like descriptive text (akin to a narration) to aid in readers understanding and depth into each scene, while not containing so much text as to be off-putting. As a result, the story reads similar to a condensed novel with the added benefit of many engaging and graphic novel-like illustrations.
While the story starts with a universal first chapter (or rather a prologue), it is then split up into different viewpoints, each following a separate group of characters. All should be read to experience the complete story, but the order is up to the reader!

*Lore up through RE5 and Silent Hill: Origins; no retcons, additions, etc from subsequent games; no movie and little extended universe lore (some references to EUs)

Plot Summary:
From the Resident Evil AU: Raccoon City has seemingly been saved by the Umbrella Corporation. Blaming the viral outbreaks on their rival company Tricell, Umbrella has risen to the status of heroes by quickly producing and supplying vaccines. But those who have experienced the secret atrocities that Umbrella has committed know that the company is never to be trusted. Eager to prove Umbrella’s involvement in the outbreaks, newly reformed Special Ops team S.T.A.R.S., now headed by Chris Redfield, follow a lead of Umbrella’s current involvement into a small resort town known as Silent Hill. Reports of missing persons and strange happenings, now recently including one of their very own S.T.A.R.S. members, lead them to think that Umbrella is up to no good here too. But is Umbrella really to blame this time? Or is the town hiding an even darker secret?

From the Silent Hill AU: 4 years after the defeat of Claudia Wolfe and the “God” she had attempted to bring to actuality, Heather and Douglas have returned to Portland, Maine and set up new lives for themselves free from the darkness of Silent Hill. But after a strange, all-too-real nightmare begins to haunt her, she is struck with a terrifying revelation: Claudia still lives, the Order has commenced a new ritual, and Samael itself is now an umbra attached to Heather. Accompanied by their new acquaintance Leon S Kennedy, Heather and Douglas must set out once again for the ominous town, where they discover and array of individuals trapped within, some of which time seems to have forgotten.

Content Warnings:
>Violence/Blood/Gore: A good amount of graphic violence, blood, and sometimes intense gore will be shown (nothing worse than what either series would show)
>Language: Strong language will be infrequent, but regularly mild/coarse.
>Drugs/Alcohol: Drugs and alcohol are referenced but not actively used
>Sexual Content: As per McKinley’s SO/MO: sexual content is rare, character/creature-specific, and never explicit. Sexual relations are generally not indicated/intended between characters; those that are are not graphic
>Ideologically Sensitive Material: Referenced or discussed subjects may disturb some viewers (verbal, physical, and mental abuse, nature of some graphic violence)

Project Backstory:
If you like the series enough to know some backstory on its creation, it’s available here [in-progress page]. Contains details about the projects original form, its 8 year abandonment, and subsequently its rebirth into what it is now.

Development Team/Credits:
Rayne “McKinley” Mason [McKinley Massacre]: Artwork, Story Design (Lead), Writing (Lead)
“Master Luna”: Story Design (Alpha), Contributing Writer, Editor, Beta Reader/Reviewer
David “Dae” Hyung Song: Story Design (Alpha), Editor, Beta Reader/Reviewer

Special thanks to Nick Apostolides (voice and MoCap for Leon Kennedy|RE2Remake) for his support for my work!
Also special thanks to Stephanie Panisello (Claire Redfield|RE2Remake) and Jolene Anderson (Ada Wong|RE2Remake) for helping rekindle my love for this work!

Artwork and Costumes by Rayne "McKinley" Mason (Wesley McKinley)