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We’re still setting up so most content here will be missing, but updates on this project (and of course others!) will be available through McKinley’s Twitter and the Workshop Discord.

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Heather’s Story [working title]

The Order has been revived and reorganized, dragging the town back into contact with the nightmarish Otherworld, and every dimension in between. With help from new allies originating from the infamous Raccoon City, as well as others already familiar with the twisted town, Heather and Douglas fight to stop the Order before it’s too late; Samael’s influence on Heather’s mind and body is slowly increasing in both frequency and severity.


None released yet!


The beautiful, peaceful town James once knew was gone; instead, he was trapped within a living nightmare, forced to face his past and atone for his sins. Barely managing to make it through the trials and delusions thrown at him by the dark forces of the town, his repressed memories are finally revealed, and he must either face the consequences, or succumb to them.


None released yet!

Dark Alliance

After being separated from her team by a monster known as Caliban, Rebecca finds herself in the clutches of the infamous Umbrella Corporation. Now, as the unwilling assistant to a mysterious and terrifying man known only as ‘Arcane’, Rebecca slowly discovers the towns connection to the mysterious plane known as the Otherworld and the monstrous creatures seeming to stem from its very existence.


None released yet!


Summary coming soon!


None released yet!

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Artwork and Costumes by Rayne "McKinley" Mason (Wesley McKinley)