Prototyping and Test Areas

Note: The featured content was made in early December of 2020. I don’t have a lot of saved videos or images from before then.

The first image was my starting test area that I worked with for a good long time before moving on. It went through a couple of iterations, none of which I have saved, sadly. What you see here is a further along version. I had originally played around a lot with an isometric camera, which gave the game a much more 2D feel, but finally decided on the standard perspective camera to help give the game a somewhat unusual feel of being 2.5D.
Quick summary since I don’t have much content for this original area: I used this area to test a few scrapped mechanics: mostly UI things like walking up to an area and having text pop up (that always faced the camera) to prompt you to press a button, for example, “Press E to Examine” on the car. I decided on less UI later in the project so this went mostly unused, save for some later in-game icons which use the same method. I also worked a lot with the camera rotations (8-way around the player) and setting up the SpriteMan3D asset to work with Game Creator for player movement.

You may notice Shane is the main player character in the first image. This is a carry-over from the original plan for this “demo”, which was to be a non-canonical testing only demo with slightly different story, as a reference to the original version of this game where Shane was actually the main player character, not Allison. The video in full will be featured in the next post, in which I also showcase boundary testing, character shouts (aka “barks”), a loading screen, and scene switching to this new prototype area. This demo is no longer being used and has been switched over to the canonical story and characters instead.

Eventually, I would need a larger area to start testing the more advanced mechanics like doors, locked area interactions, and basically everything else. So I began prototyping out the second area of the game, which are featured in the last 3 pictures.

Featured in this gallery are some prototype models such as cars and doors featured in free prototyping assets as well as some Synty models; the environments themselves were built by me using ProBuilder. I also started experimenting with some textures in the garage area and outdoors. The flashlight and headlights were created using the Volumetric Light Beams asset.

The screenshots provided were taken throughout December/very early January (Jan 3 was the police car screenshot). I conglomerated a little bit so I don’t have a million posts to look through of similar content.

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